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What a basic newborn package looks like

I offer a few different package options; I want to show you what a basic newborn package looks like.

What is a basic package, you ask?

Sounds, well basic AF, right? think again. This package is for baby alone. No siblings, no family pics. Easy peasy. You come as you are and watch your cute little one make photography magic!

Right here is where a basic newborn session stops. But, plot twist in the best way possible! Keep reading below!


When our session was over Grandma was so moved she asked to upgrade from the basic package to get some shots with her daughter and granddaughter. I will never say no to the opportunity to give you generational photos!

You always have the option to add onto any newborn session on the day of.

So, does a basic newborn session sound like the perfect fit for your family? Email me and I will get you on the schedule to make some magic with your little one!


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