Tasha Sojka Photography

Every thing i do in life i do with passion

I'm a former New Yorker living in North Harford with my nine year old twin boys and hubby. I know, two very different worlds right?! I get asked all the time if I like it here. The answer is always "yes!!!" Over the last decade we have really loved getting to know and raising our boys in Maryland. While I loved being a city girl I can not live without the gorgeous sunrises I get to wake up to every morning! So much of who I am and the passion I have for shooting your families is drawn from the magic of mother nature. I love everything the Earth has to offer and I always find a way to work that into your session. I live for all things outdoors. I love good old fashioned tent camping, hiking, archery, and I'm a wanna be survivalist but I don't think I can live without Starbucks and chipotle in my life!!!!
Tasha Sojka Photography
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