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A Parent's guide to a successful newborn photoshoot

Okay, so you just had your baby and survived that crazy ordeal. You managed to drive your new little love home safely from the hospital and now it's time for your first photoshoot as a family!!!! Panic sets in; what should you do? How can you prep? No worries, here is a fool proof list to make sure you and your baby rock your session!

Milk drunk is a real thing, and I welcome it!

I always recommend holding off on feeding baby until you get to my studio. I usually time the start of your session so it falls within a morning feed window. If you can't hold off, by all means feed baby! When you arrive you feed baby while I go over everything we have planned for your session.I do ask that you Feed baby until they are full and super sleepy. you will need to bring enough milk for 3 full feedings. If you are breastfeeding you may want to bring a bottle of formula incase we need to supplement. If you are solely breastfeeding, I ask that you pump and bring some extra milk for a feeding from a bottle. Formula fed babies tend to sleep a little better during our time together. I have a bottle warmer in studio, so no need to worry about feeding baby cold milk!!

the main reason a newborn does not fall asleep is because they are not full. I never push anything on a client; If you feel like you do not want to bring additional milk please understand that you may not get the best sleepy poses you see on my website.

Lastly, I do have a freezer for you to keep extra milk cold and bottle warmer for you to warm up any milk if need be!

Ok, ok, ok, its about to get hot in here.

Do you have that song stuck in your head now? In all seriousness, babies like it extra warm since they can't regulate their own body temperature yet. No, I don't raise the temperature of the entire studio; you will be comfortable and not overheat during your time with me. I use a small heater near baby as I pose them. Once I wrap baby for family and sibling photos I usually take off the heater since it may make siblings uncomfortable. Usually when baby is wrapped and being held they are warm and content.

Do me a favor and pacify me!

I always ask for parents to bring a pacifier incase I need to soothe a baby into a pose. It is the worry of many parents that their baby will become dependent on a pacifier and may not want to use one. Trust me, a baby will not get hooked in the 10 minutes they use them. In order to get some of those cute poses we need to ensure that baby is completely relaxed.

Oh, poop..everywhere.

Not only am I called the baby whisperer but I'm also know as the poop whisperer. Some of the poses we do will stimulate your baby to go poop, over and over again and probably get poop on an outfit or two. Don't panic if your baby decides to go; it happens...all the time!!! I always encourage parents to bring an extra blanket incase we get one soiled.

Props and outfits galore.

Man oh man, do I have you covered. I have a nice collection of props for baby to use. I have a large variety of baby boy and baby girl newborn outfits. I suggest using what I have since they are sized perfectly to showcase your baby's newness. I have wraps, headbands & bonnets. I have a few outfits for siblings if you want to use those.

What do *I* wear?

I know you just had. baby and nothing fits quite yet and you may not feel your best. I suggest wearing something comfortable to the studio and change your outfit when you get here. The studio is set up with a neutral look, I recommend wearing a neutral, solid solid color shirt, blouse or dress that will not distract from baby. I do suggest doing your hair and putting on some makeup even though you may not feel up to it, but trust me you will be thankful you took the extra 10 minutes to do so.

Sit back and relax!

Lastly, I want you to relax! You heard me right, RELAX!!! Pull out those cell phones and feel free to take pics to send to grandparents, aunts, uncles and your bff! I know everyone is eager to get as many photos of your new little love so I welcome it!

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