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Baby Butterflies

I love being around new parents. There's something so magical about new life and the energy surrounding it all. It's like the butterflies you get from that first kiss. Except its a thousand times stronger. And you know what is even better about every Newborn session? Each parent trusts me to capture a piece of their magic.

Baby Emilia is seven days new here. She does not even realize she has left the comfort of Mom yet. She was so sleepy and allowed me to wrap her and pose her into these adorable positions. There is such a pride that beams from each parent as they see their precious little one posed so perfectly and snuggled into the most adorable positions.

I only get to spend a few hours with each family but in that time I soak in every detail of how their little one entered this wondrous world. Every story is different and exciting in it's own way. This little angel surprised everyone and arrived three weeks early!

The best part of posing babies is getting them into this perfect position to show off their little baby folds!

I never forget to capture the details of their little fingers and their perfectly sculpted toes that you once only saw on an ultrasound. I know that nine months of preparation could not prepare

you for the amount of crazy magical emotion you feel for this little person who now makes your family whole. I was honored to know Alicia before she became a Mom. During her maternity session I could see a kind of anxious energy in her but when she visited my studio with her new daughter I saw someone totally different. Someone who knew the power of unconditional strength and love. Find her entire gallery here.

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