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Meet Amanda, My Associate Photographer

I'm exited to introduce Amanda to you! I've been teaching her how to see what I see, and more importantly how to capture it forever for my clients.

As an Associate Photographer, Amanda will work under my business name. I know no one has a clue what that means—so keep reading! I'll introduce you to Amanda and explain exactly how she fits into my business structure.

Amanda, in her own words:

Hi I’m Amanda I am the middle child of three, mother to one spunky toddler and wife to the love of my life. I was born and raised in Baltimore Maryland. One thing I Love to do is Jam out to music in my kitchen while I cook meals for my family.

in the last eight months, I have learned a lot about photography. By learning how to use my camera and making it an important part of my life, I've fallen in love with taking pictures—both for the memories they preserve and for the new friends who are helping me learn this art form. I feel most energized when working with families, children of all ages and their pets too!

I would be thrilled to help you preserve your happiest memories, so that years from now you can look back and remember how joyful life can be.

Amanda's ability to read the room and understand if clients feel nervous or shy was one important reason why it felt so natural to hire her as an associate photographer. I've watched her guide clients with an energetic light heartedness, adjusting their poses and helping them to relax. She has great intuition behind the camera.

Okay, but What exactly does an associate photographer do?

Amanda's role as an associate photographer in the business is pretty straightforward but offers so much value to my clients.

Can I request Amanda?

You can request Amanda for any outdoor family, senior, birthday, engagement or mini session,

What happens if Tasha is booked?

moving forward, if I am booked I will suggest you have your session with Amanda.

Who sends me my contract and invoice?

you will do everything through Tasha Sojka photography. I will send you your contact, invoice and details about your session.

Who do I pay?

I will send you an invoice so you can pay online. No need to pay Amanda!

Who edits my photos and why is that important?

I will be the one editing your photos. This is important because you still get images with my unique editing style.

Here is a sample of an image Amanda shot and was edited by me:

Amanda is not only a great photographer but is a super fun person! Adding her energetic dynamic to the business is of benefit to me as well as my clients. I cannot wait for you to work with her. It’s been a two-year journey to make this happen and wonderful that it ended in finding someone who can mirror my passion for photography. and work ethic.

Excited to meet Amanda for yourself?! You can book a session Here


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