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DIY Felt Rainbow Hearts

I didn't have time to order felt hearts for a rainbow newborn session that is scheduled for a few days from now, so I decided to try to make my own. Why not, right? I am so happy with the results that I wanted to share just how easy these cute newborn photography accessories are to make yourself!

I found this eight pack of wool roving at Michaels. It cost me $6.49 for all, because you know you can always find a good coupon!! I used a super basic felting needle that cost me $2.99. I don't see it on their site anymore but you can use this one too!

My needle came with this little piece of foam. It looks like a magic eraser but it is quite thicker. I used the cookie cutter I had at home. The purple one was the one I ended up using, which it is about 1 inch.

I pulled apart a piece of wool, I really didn't need that much, probably about 6 inches long. I stuffed it in the cookie cutter and started stabbing!!! I thought that I would have to stab a lot more than I did. It came together super quick! I think each heart took me 3 minutes.

Make sure to be aware of where you are stabbing. I stabbed my thumb pretty deep on my first attempt!!

I kept turning the foam board as I worked because the felt can get stuck in the foam if the needle jabs too deep.

I started out with a pretty full piece of fluff. It is amazing how this little guy was able to take from with just some stabs of a needle!

Aren't these guys pretty cute!?!?

I love that each one turned out a little bit different. It shows that it truly is a hand crafted heart!

My favorite is the blue, I think it turned out the most symmetrical.

I watched this quick video on youtube before I started my own. Good luck stabbing!!!

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