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Surprise baby announcement!!

It's funny how you try to plan out life and you think you knew exactly what you wanted and when. And then little blessings pop up along the way and you realize that actually your plans were wrong and story you didn't originally predict is being written. I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason and that certain things are written in the stars and just meant to be. And so it seems that I am just meant to be a momma of three ❤ We could not possible be happier then we are at this very moment :) - April Green

baby announcement
baby announcement
detail shot baby shoes
family maternity announcement
twin brothers

family with twins
mom with twin boys
mom with twins
dad with twins
dad hugs twins
mom with son
mom with son
mom with son
mom with son

This baby has so much love waiting for him/her already! I loved this Game of Thrones baby announcement!!! Congrats April!!

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