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What to expect during an in-home newborn session

Although I have a studio I am not opposed to traveling to you for your newborn session. Let's face it, no matter how much we prep for our session ahead of time, sometimes the unexpected happens. If you just don't think you can make it to the studio I will bring the studio to you!!!

By doing so you do not get any lesser of an experience. Everything I use in-studio gets packed up and brought to you! Families with toddlers find this option invaluable, since newborn sessions can run a few hours.

All I need is a little corner of your home to set up. I have "travel" backdrops that I use specifically for newborn sessions and do not need a bulky backdrop stand.

newborn photos setup

We go over what colors/themes you like before I come to you and I bring multiple outfit and prop options for you to choose from, which is always so much fun!!

newborn photos outfits

Big brothers/sisters are usually super intrigued by the new stuff in their home and I welcome curiosity!!! There is nothing that they can break so you don't have to feel obligated to keep them out of my way.

newborn photos setup

I also come with a lighting system, noise machine and space heater. Please, don't torture yourselves by thinking you need to turn the heat up!!!!

the shusher

I have mastered the "couch beanbag". All I need are a few throw pillows and I am good to go! The pic below shows what the setup looks like:

newborn in-home beanbag setup

And here is the super adorable final image you get!!

newborn boy photo

I also understand that you just had a baby and I expect your home to be lived in. However, for photos, I will come in and de-clutter the space we will be using if need be. Trust me, no family has an immaculate home, I work a little magic in each! Normally the spaces that we frequently use are the living room, master bedroom and baby's room.

I recommend photographing the family portion of your session first. This way you can all change and relax while I work with your newborn.

newborn family photo
newborn family photo
newborn son with dad
newborn son with mom
newborn son with mom

If you have a family pet, by all means include them! I feel like pets make little ones the most relaxed!!!

boy with dog
newborn boy posed
newborn boy hands
newborn boy
newborn boy face

You would not be able to tell that this was an in-home session!! This little guy is a premie and at just five pounds and I think Mom's choice of opting for an in-home session was perfect!

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