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Scarlett In ONE-derland!!!

I've photographed little Scarlett since she was a newborn. It's always so bittersweet to watch my newborns grow. At a few days old she was sassy; she didn't want to sleep for her session. She wasn't about to miss a moment of the party! We finally got her to sleep and we snapped this gorgeous shot of her.

Fast forward twelve months and I still love her sassy personality! She was chatty with us and she's a baby on the move!

She loved the unique setup Mom thought of and check out this gorgeous cake Mom made from scratch! Very Alice in Wonderland!

Scarlett LOVEEDD her cake! She even pushed away the cake stand to get a better grip of her cake. It was so cute to watch. When I fist met her at only seven pounds I could never of imagined so much cuteness could fit into one little girl!

Finger lickin' good!!!

I love her gummy smiles!!

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