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On Tuesdays we eat tacos...without the taco shell.

Every single Tuesday for the last two and a half years has been taco Tuesday. I did the math, that's 130 Tuesdays in a row. But I can't get them to eat a single taco shell or even a burrito. And they need everything displayed nicely on this "swirly" tray. Trust me I've tried to make my life a little easier and not do the tray but they get all up in arms when I try to serve it directly out of the pot. It's a whole huge production really.

We need the ground meat, the rice, the guac, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and Heaven forbid I forget the cheese!

There's an art to the cheese distributon. We usually go through a whole package of shredded cheese; if everything isn't covered then it's not enough.

I don't know why this stuck. They love all foods but this is one they never get tired of eating. Don't get me wrong I LOVE tacos but my husband begs me to make something else. But I won't ever have that. This is so important to them; they even wait for him to get home from work so we can all "enjoy" together. Ha! If only they knew how much he hated this!

While I love making them happy part of me continues on with this tradition because without fail every Tuesday they ask me "Mom, did you make this?" I answer "yep" ..and wait for what follows..

"Wow Mom, this is the best dinner you ever made, you're the best cooker!" I mean come on...wouldn't you eat the same thing for the rest of your life if you heard that too?!

Side is national Mimosa day so I had to get them "champagne" aka Sparkling Cider!

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