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The Story of Baby Rossi!!

Meet JoAnne! I know her from my gym. We get in trouble together with our smart mouths but I love being around her because she knows how to push through a workout quietly and still have that kind of strength and drive I need to see to push myself to do better. Well you're probably asking "what does this have to do with a baby"? Wrong blog post right? Well no. When JoAnne told me she was pregnant I was so happy for her (ya know being a newborn photog and all) but she said so super nonchalantly that it wasn't hers. She was just (her words...JUST) the surrogate. I immediately thought oh like on the commercials where they pay you tons of moola to carry a baby. Um no not JoAnne. She said she offered to be the surrogate for a friend!!! She offered! Oh guys and Joanne has five year old twins, a three year old and a full time job.

And a husband. And a dog.

Can you imagine? Being a Mom I know what it's like to have a baby in my life. Joanne knows that too. But JoAnne saw that one of her friends was having a hard time and she so selflessly offered to give her and her husband that feeling too! How many of us can say we bring that much joy and happiness to our friends!?

I don't think she knows how truly selfless of an act this is. She's pretty humble about it. Every time I try to make a big deal about how awesome of a human being she is, she just shrugs. When I showed up to shoot the session I had the best time! The four of them together were hysterical! Some friends just make everything easy.

They had so many adorable ideas to document this amazing milestone in BOTH their lives! Baby Rossi you will be so loved! Lauren and Tom I can not wait to see your little boy!

What an amazing journey you are on!!

I loved the easygoing atmosphere between them! Check out this cute sign she made for the Matt and Tom!

Even though this process may be just a "shrug" to your life JoAnne, I would totally expect that from you. Just like at the gym you went through this process quietly and still have that kind of strength and drive needed to give your friends such a precious gift. I'm so honored to know you!!!

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