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Who is Tasha Sojka and why photography?

Welcome to my Blog!!! For my maiden post I figured why not let you all know a little about me, who I share my heart with, and why my soul is engrained in photography!

I can't take credit for finding a camera. Photography found me. I've always used art to express who I am and how I see the world. Before my first camera I wrote books and books full of poems. BUT the moment I got my first camera I felt free! I love looking back at my high school photos and I can see the teenage angst in my images. And every time I grin at how thankful I was to be able to express myself through film. It's kind of a vulnerable thing to share my heart in every image I publish. I feel that is what makes me the best photographer for my clients. Knowing how to pose, finding the right light, or getting the kids to smile isn't what they come to me for. They come because I can get behind the lens and capture the essence of their families.

Who I couldn't live without!

I'm momma to two handsome, witty and feisty five year old boys. I don't even know how we thought we had a happy life before they were born!

I was made to be a boy mom! We could live outdoors and play in the mud and swap boogers all day! I love all the pet toads they bring home in the summer and that the are always up for hiking adventures in the winter. I live life loud and with wonder and I am so glad our two little men have that same love for this magical world!

I'm wife to an amazing human being. He lets me wild and free. He's the opposite of me in every way yet he knows me better than anyone else; sometimes he sees what I need even before I know I need it myself.

He's had my heart since we were teenagers and I'm only sorry I didn't find my way to him sooner. His job brought us to Maryland from NYC and I haven't looked back since!

What is this blog even about, you ask?

Well great question indeed!! I want to be able to share the connection I see that my clients feel into words; alongside their images I capture. While I know what a visual story images tell I want my words to be the song that plays in the background.

Welcome to this little blog of mine and I hope we get to ugly cry and laugh together through my visual and written imagery!

Photos by Alicia Wiley Photography

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