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Make easy family photo albums from home.

Okay guys, we are into our second week of this new normal. I took last week to freak out and now, I am reserved to go with the flow. One thing that I tell all of you is to print your gorgeous photos that I take! Some of you are really great with your phones too and churn out such fun, amazing photos of your everyday life. Use this week to make some coffee table books for your family!

I have been making simple ones for our home, ones that I want our boys to feel comfortable looking though. Let me tell you, these kids love looking at themselves and without fail call me over to "tell them about themselves" in the photos.

I threw together a few links for you to use which are super easy to make some coffee table books for your family!

1. Shutterfly is always my go to for quick family snaps. They usually have amazing discounts, check out the specials they are running now.

2. Mixbook has many options for you. You can make books for yourself and smaller ones to give to other family members. I know grandparents love getting photo books also!

3. Google Photos are so much fun to do. If you have a google account and back up your photos there, it creates albums for you and you can print books directly from there. It's perfect for printing out vacations and fun family events you may have just used your phone for.

4. Chatbooks is perfect place to print your Instagram photos. These books are super cute and perfect for little hands!

photo book family photos
photo book family photos

When the boys were getting their two year molars one of them tried to chew this book. I love this imperfection now that they are eight.

photo book family photos
photo book family photos

I made a toddler friendly version of our wedding album to leave out for the boys. They love looking through it to see how young (and silly) their aunts, uncles and cousins were.

photo book family photos

I don't only add the perfect photos, I love how well this photo by Lisa Robin Photography captured our boys' personalities!

If you need any help making a photo book I am here for you, feel free to shoot me an email.

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